What HypnoBirthing® Mums Say


Thanks for the sterling job you did in helping prepare Daniel and I for the birth of Holly. Diane your help and expertise were exceptional. I have been raving about you to everyone. You went above and beyond the call of duty.
With love and warm wishes
Fiona and Daniel

The HypnoBirthing experience was wonderful. There was doubt as to whether I could do it, but what you taught us will always be with us by way of our beautiful son, Reuben.
Love Michelle, Nick, Joseph and Reuben

Just a quick note to let you know that Luca was born naturally, Laurie was a wonderful birthing partner. We had a long pre-labour, but only 4 ½ hours in hospital prior to the birth – which was a really positive experience. Thanks so much for your integral input. We are delighted with the result and our gorgeous boy Luca.

Best wishes,


Taylor’s Beautiful Birth

Everyone always told me during my pregnancy how well I looked. And I did feel good too. In fact, sometimes I forgot that I was even pregnant – until I looked down at my expanding waistline! I attribute a lot of this to HypnoBirthing. The relaxation and breathing techniques learned were wonderful and kept me feeling relaxed and calm. I used the breathing technique every night to send me off to sleep and also to relax me anytime I was uptight.

On Mothers Day, I had Braxton Hicks almost all day. They were very mild, I was unable to tell when they began or ended, just that they were happening. I went to bed that evening and listened to my relaxation CD and had a full nights sleep – except for the 1-2 regular toilet breaks! The next morning, they had stopped. I went to see my obstetrician for a regular check-up and he told me that I was fully effaced and was just starting to dilate. “Everything is fine. I will see you next week” he said. I thought to myself “I don’t think it will be that long!” And I was right.

I went home and continued on with my day. Around 2pm, I started to feel mild surges. Each time I felt a surge begin, I sat down, closed my eyes and focused on the relaxation breathing technique. When the surge passed, I continued about my business. By around 3pm, I was still having surges and they were 10 minutes apart lasting around 20 seconds. I rang Andrew and asked him to come home. He arrived home around 4.45pm. The surges were still around 10 minutes apart and slightly stronger, but I still felt comfortable and relaxed and completely in control. I called mum and told her what was happening and she came to my home around 6pm.

I had a light dinner, then went to bed and listened to my relaxation tape and got some sleep. When I got up, I lay on the couch on my left side and drifted in and out of sleep. Every hour, the surges got gradually stronger and lasted longer at about 5 minutes apart. I knew that my baby was making his way down when I got up to go to the toilet, as walking felt different and sitting on the toilet was uncomfortable. By 11pm, mum called the hospital and let them know that I was in labour and how I was progressing. The midwife asked to speak to me but as mum passed me the phone, I had a surge and I dropped the phone so that I could close my eyes and focus on my breathing. My mum explained to her what was happening and how I was feeling and that we would probably be there shortly. By 11.30 the surges were getting quite strong, so mum called my dad to come around and stay with my 3 year old son Jordan.

We left to go to the hospital just after midnight and arrived in the labour room around 12.30am. I continued to use my breathing throughout the surges and felt relatively comfortable. Each surge, I visualized my cervix opening and my baby making his way smoothly and easily down the birth path. At about 1.50am I felt enormous pressure. At this stage I was still fully dressed, and all that I was worried about was that my membranes were going to rupture all over my tracksuit pants! The midwife went out to call the obstetrician and when she came back I said ” Something’s coming out!”

She took off my pants and underwear and a minute later my membranes did rupture. The midwife told me to listen to my body and for me to do whatever I felt I needed to do. I began to breathe him down. As I felt his head start too crown, I felt a burning sensation. I put my hand down to feel his head coming out. The midwife said that his head had slid back in and he may just be “like a little turtle for a while, coming out a little and then back in”. I thought to myself “No way! Next time I push his head is going to come all the way out!” And it did! The umbilical cord was around his neck and when she tried to ease it over his head it was too short, so she had to clamp it for Andrew to cut. Then I gave another push and the rest of his little body slid out. 2.03am! The midwife passed our beautiful little boy up onto my tummy for his very first cuddle. The doctor did not make it! I don’t think he would have made it even if he had have been in the very next room!

I felt so empowered of what I had achieved. It was a wonderful feeling knowing that I have given our precious little boy such a calm, relaxed, controlled and peaceful entry into the world. The way it should always be.

A wonderful experience that I will always cherish and hold in my heart forever.

Mark and I would like to thank you for the wonderful HypnoBirthing classes you gave us. The HypnoBirthing process ensured that we were fully prepared for Iris’s birth and confident that everything would work out as my body took over.I really believe that the hypnosis and relaxation techniques had a positive affect on my pregnancy. Iris was so alert and happy when she was born – it made a natural birth even more worthwhile.I will definitely recommend HypnoBirthing to my friends and I’ll see you next time around.Thanks again Frances


We would like to express our greatest thanks for your training with “HypnoBirthing”. It worked wonders, more than we ever hoped for.

I had a pleasant labour, first had a show 25/6/04 at 1.40pm, by 11.30pm that night they got to 5 mins apart surges. I just breathed through them with ease. In the hospital by 1am and had our little girl Sienna by 5.05am 26/6/04. No drugs, no tears.

It was a fantastic experience and I am recommending it to everyone.

Many thanks again. Silvio, Claudia and Sienna


Lil Conti

Di, thanks for believing in me and helping me achieve a better birthing experience this time around. Your support was greatly appreciated.

Love Lil Conti


Thank you for allowing me to be part of this wonderful birth. It is many years since I have had the opportunity to witness a natural birth. Usually that is reserved for the birthing centres.

A Midwife

It was just the most amazing experience I have ever had. Even though I had my doubts that it would work, it did and I feel so proud that I achieved exactly what I set out to achieve.

A Proud Mum

We have managed births for long enough. It was so rewarding to stand and just watch nature at work, no medication and yet a calm and confident mother.

An Obstetrician



Rudy’s Story

RudyMum and Dad visited the hospital at 9am, on the morning of the 20th April for my 41 week appointment. My little heart was listened to for half an hour and was beating strong. I had a scan to check the levels of my amniotic fluid, as sometimes it can get quite low after 40 weeks and the doctors all wanted to make sure I was safe and sound.

We were all looking forward to a natural birth, at the Family Birthing Centre. A special place that Mum and Dad had picked for us, that would allow us to have as natural birth as possible with very low intervention. No epidurals! No Forceps! No forced birth. They had also said I could stay in mum’s tummy a bit longer, as long as everything was ok!

We went into the doctor’s office for the result and were told that I would have to be induced within 24 hours as my amniotic fluid levels were low!!!! Safe levels were a reading between 5 and 25, and I was only 4.6!! The Doctor gave Mum an internal and noticed I was ready for action and 1cm dilated already, which would mean a very good induction. Rats! So close to birthing on our own!!! I was going to have to think fast!

Mum and Dad knew, that for my safety, they were prepared to sacrifice all other plans. Being induced meant that Mum would be in the regular labour ward and we wouldn’t be able to stay at the Birth Centre. She was scared of being induced and a little upset. It also meant that Dad couldn’t sleep over, like we had planned and we only had a few hours to come to terms with it all! Secretly….I readied myself for action.

One of the midwives made us feel better by giving us her secret castor oil recipe for natural labour inducement and told mum they would break her waters at the birth centre first, before she went to the labour ward, to see if she could still go into labour herself before the induction. This was very special to us, as the birth centre don’t normally break your waters unless absolutely necessary!

We all went home and began calling everyone to let them know…… Meanwhile, Mum had been having, what she thought were the old “Braxton Hicks” contractions; completely pain free regular tightening. She had thought they weren’t anything worth getting our hopes up for as she’d had them for a few months throughout our pregnancy.

Grandpa and Gran in Scotland were next on the list of phone calls, when slowly but surely I started to get things moving! We had no time to waste!

Just after 6:30pm, mum had a show and the castor oil kicked in! The surging contractions became more intense around 6:50 pm and she told Daddy she was definitely in labour and that I was going to make it into the world before the doctor’s had a chance at me!!

Sometime between 7pm and 8pm, Mum decided that she had a few hours of labour ahead of her and these surges were pretty intense down the lower back, so she got dad to run her a bath for her to relax in!

But uh oh! things were getting more intense and between 8pm and 9pm, while mum was in the bath, those surges were not only really regular, but slowly mum already felt the urge to push….and so she did! Dad moved round and packed the car up ready for the hospital. Grandad was in the lounge, thinking we had heaps of time to get to the hospital as most mums have at least 8 hours of labour with their first baby…..but Grandad didn’t count on me! The birth centre was called and they listened to mummy having a couple of surges and they said if she was no longer comfortable at home then she should come into the hospital! Nanny was on her way home from work to spend the night at our house, and she was going to drive us all to the hospital. She was about 20 minutes away, and mummy felt she couldn’t wait that long, but everyone thought we still had plenty of time! Even mummy didn’t know I was planning such a quick escape!

9pm – 9:20pm and it’s all a bit of a blurr!
Daddy held mummys hand throughout her surges and her body started pushing me out more and more! Her water’s broke when daddy left the bathroom for just a minute or two and by the time he came back mum had some big news!!!

“I don’t thing we’re going to make it to the hospital” she said!

“What?!!!!” Said Daddy

“I can feel the head honey!” Said Mummy

“S*!t” Said Daddy!

Grandad was instructed to call an ambulance at 9:10pm and began instructing daddy on how to deliver a baby!

When Nanny arrived home from work, she calmly walked inside and called out hello, when she was told by Grandad to get herself in that bathroom as I was being born right now!!!

She walked into the bathroom to discover yours truly popping my head out and Daddy leaning over the bathtub, making sure I didn’t come out all by myself.

Mum gave another push and out I came to her great delight and relief!!! (She was secretly pleased just at the moment of everyone elses panic, when my head started to show, as she knew it was all going to be over soon!!!)

So Nanny and Daddy and Mummy delivered me together under Grandad’s expert instruction.The paramedics arrived soon after and Mum and I went to the hospital, safely and snugly into our Birthing Centre room, while the troops cleaned up the hallway carpet and the bathroom (Nanny said that Daddy missed a spot or two!) and Daddy called Gran and Grandpa all the way over in Scotland to tell them the happy news.

Rudy had arrived!!!

Many thanks for your kind wishes n the arrival of Liam Peter McIntyre, born 5/3/05.

Just to let you know that Liam was born on his due date. 10 pounds 5 ounces! I had a really satisfying birth. Hard and long but I did it drug free and I was also really happy with how the labour went because I felt empowered to make decisions and take charge of what I needed for Liam’s birth.

I felt well prepared when we discovered he was posterior and we managed to avoid a caesarian by my changing birth positions as we had practised them in the classes.

Thanking you again,
Kind regards,


We cannot thank you enough for assisting us to have a wonderful birthing experience which we will remember always.

Love Susan, Andrew Jarrod and Conno


How can I thank you enough, without the skills I learnt in your HypnoBirthing classes I’m not sure I could have managed. While the birth was long and there were times I was ready for the quick fix – I managed to stay calm and “breathe”, but then I was on the home stretch and I got my second wind and out came my beautiful little (well, big 9lb 4oz!) boy. I’m so glad I did it my way and now that we are home and settling in, I would definitely do it all over again – although not for a while.

Thanks again,
Kylie and Isaac


My Mummy and Daddy would like to thank you for all your support. My Mummy had a great birth and made an amazingly quick recovery which she doesn’t believe would have happened without HypnoBirthing!

Best wishes Chloe